Grateful for Mothers

They are the ones who ask for the least credit when they deserve the most credit. They are the ones who awake when the sun is barely up, just to get the house in order, and often they are the last to go to sleep after a long day of ensuring that everyone is taken care of. They can be the most gentle, yet, still know when to show a little bit of tough love. They are the ones who see the best in us and want the best for us. They are the ones that worry about us and are constantly praying for us. They are the ones that we can count on when we feel like we can count on no one else. They are sometimes doing everything, with little to no help. They are willing to sacrifice all that they have and ask nothing in return. They are imperfect, but at the same time, they are perfect to us. They are reliable, they are trustworthy, and they are loyal to the very end. They, of course, are our mothers. At Open Door Mission, we are grateful for all of the mothers out there for their dedication and hard work. Our world is a better place because of you! Happy Mother’s Day!

-Witten by John Horsechief

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