Grand Canyon

Oct 30, 2009  |     |   General

I was recently in the Grand Canyon with my wife and son. The views from the rim and along the trails down the Canyon were beautiful and awe inspiring. As our guide told us how the many layers that are exposed in the Canyon developed over millions of years I thought of our programs at Open Door Mission. In fact, I did!

The New Life Recovery Program and Journey to Work Program are measured in months, not millions of years, but each day, week, and month in a program provides a new layer of life skills, educational ability, and spiritual development for each individual enrolled. The solid foundation upon which all layers form is faith in Jesus Christ, our solid rock. Then layers of emotional coping skills, Biblical knowledge, maintenance of sobriety, educational and computer skills, job readiness insights equip each graduate for new life!

The Grand Canyon is a wonder of the world and each graduate from an Open Door Mission program is a grand wonder as well. If you would like to explore a Planned Gift to support the work of Open Door Mission please contact me.

Scott Shreve
Senior Development Director
(402) 422-1111, ext. 1538