Graduation Time!

This time of the year is filled with graduations, from kindergarten to college. At Open Door Mission we have 3 graduations a year, plus promotion ceremonies. Yes we have graduation ceremonies, they are even live streamed for friends and family that can’t make it to the Mission.

Graduation is very important to the staff and students of the New Life Recovery Program. Our students have worked hard to reach that special day. In many cases not only have they completed an intensive recovery program, but they have also earned their GED. These students have also worked on getting rid of all their addictions…even smoking, one of the hardest to conquer. Over their months of study, counseling, test taking and lots of prayer, they have changed their lives. That is why we celebrate their accomplishments, their start of an addiction free life, a life that depends on God’s guidance and strength. We celebrate their successes…reunited families, a strong faith, supportive family and friends and their joy in a new life. If you have never attended an Open Door Mission graduation, you are missing out on an uplifting and joyous experience…for you, not just the graduates! Each graduate shares their testimony, standing proud and strong in cap and gown. Come experience the joy on Wednesday May 22nd at 7:00 pm at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center Chapel.





Maggie Cope
Donor Relations Coordinator

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