Graduates Giving Back

This young man, Dillon, came to us 228 days ago. We all knew it was going to be a journey from the first day we met him.
As Dillon stayed at Open Door Mission, we could see he wanted to get his life back on track. He worked hard and had a purpose each day.
Garland Thompson Men’s Center staff and Community Alliance Peer Support Specialist, Scott McDowell, worked diligently to get this young man an ID, to apply and see disability come through with a payee, and find him housing in a group home that will work directly with his needs.
It is amazing when you see everything come together through the work of the Holy Spirit. A big shout out and thank you to Mr. McDowell – one of our New Life Recovery Program graduates that gives back to Open Door Mission every day.

Pat McKernan
Garland Thompson Men’s Center Director

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