Good Friday

We celebrate the Friday before Easter as Good Friday because it is good for us sinners. Have you ever thought about what that day was like for God? We must think God as Jesus’ father, his parent. We often forget to see God as a parent, but He is the only perfect parent ever. As a parent God watched His son being falsely accused, beaten and literally stripped of all dignity. He also realized that He had asked His son to do this for all people throughout the millenniums. I can’t even begin to imagine how heartsick God must have been, but He and Jesus loved us enough to carry out this perfect plan of forgiveness and salvation.

God was with His son on the long walk to Calvary. He was there when large nails were hammered into Jesus’ hands and feet. God was there as some continued to mock Christ, while others poured out tears and prayers.

He watched His son have his side pierced, but also saw the forgiveness He gave the thief and those crucifying Him. I think the hardest moment of all must have been when God had to turn His face and countenance from Jesus and hear Him cry out “why have you forsaken me.” Yes, a Good Friday for us as the Lamb of God was sacrificed for mankind’s sins, but a sad day for God as for one brief moment He had to turn away from His son so He can welcome all of us into eternal life.





Maggie Cope
Donor Relations Coordinator

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