Going Deeper

Aug 16, 2014  |     |   General

A friend of mine, Amy from Oklahoma, recently vacationed at the ocean with her family.  She shared the following on her facebook page, and told me I could share it with you!

“This past week I enjoyed finding broken pieces of sand dollars that had washed up into the shallow water at the beach.  I kept hoping each time to find bigger pieces, while realizing my chances of finding a whole one was next to impossible!    You really have to picture me there in the 2ft of water with my goggles and snorkel on, getting beat up by the waves….a total embarrassment to my boys!  Then, on our last day I get on the paddle board and row out to the deeper water, definitely past my comfort zone!  I was leery of what might be swimming below me!  So, with my boys swimming nearby, we approach a second sandbar.  I look down and see a whole sand dollar!!  Then, I glanced around and realized I was surrounded by a colony of thousands!!  There I’d been searching near the shore all week when all I needed to do was go father out in the water.  I immediately thought about all God has to offer us if we just seek Him in the deep waters, the areas of our lives that require us to step out in faith and go deeper in our spiritual walk with Him.  I’m committed to see where else He wants me to step out of my comfort zone.  Who knows what He will have in store?”