God’s Sovereignty

God’s sovereignty is over all. Sometimes it is hard to be still and wait, as God is working in us and through us. As I get to see our guests every month, I try to encourage and give them hope (I understand we all have different situations in our lives that are difficult to deal with.) But when we know God and we live a life of faith, we know that He is the way and the truth and I love sharing this good news with everyone.
Jill is a beautiful lady that I have gotten to know over the years I’ve served here at Timberlake Outreach Center (TOC). She has gone through a lot; we’ve prayed, laugh and cried together, but always knowing God will take care of her needs.
She went through a lot with her family and lost custody of her children. So, she’s been trying really hard to get them back. A few months ago she came and she told me she was getting ready to get her children back. I said, “God will do that for you.”
We prayed and gave thanks to the Lord for what HE has already done and she went home.
Today she stopped by the TOC and we were not that busy so she walked to my area. She said hello. I looked at her and she looked happy, but that time I only saw her. When I looked again, I saw her children standing around her and my eyes got watery and I said, “Oh my God you have them!”
She said “Yes, today is my first day without someone watching over me.” She gives thanks to God she has them, and we praised our Lord together.
This is so amazing because God’s timing is perfect. Jill is in a better place with herself and ready to love and care for her children. I know God takes care of every need we have if we believe and trust Him. Let’s speak life to everyone that we cross paths.

Evelyn Valdez
Bilingual Intake Worker

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