God’s Reminders

First, I wanted to send this picture that I took of the ladies helping each other study verses! They were working so hard and had the best time building each other up and studying together.

Second, I want to say that I LOVE the interviewing inmates part of my job. Today, I met with a young lady that I interviewed while she was in prison. She told me that she lost her dad to an overdose. Her mom used drugs. Her sister was an addict and she walked that same path. She was put in foster care as a child and she too lost her daughter to the state. After her dad died, her drug use and criminal behavior led her to prison. She said that she went to a Bible class and the leader asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus and have a relationship with Him.

She did this and she said weirdly everything seemed to start to come together!  She said things started lining up and she did not even know how it was happening.

She was told it would be months before she had a court date, but she ended up having one sooner than expected. She was then interviewed by me and was accepted into our program. She was released within two days to come here.  She told me today that God and this place saved her life! She is so thankful! She has been here 6 days and she cried when she talked about her struggle, her dad, her family, but she is still so positive and full of life!

Sunday she went to church, but just could not stop crying during the service. One of the other ladies asked her if she wanted to go forward and pray and they did. She said three of the women knelt and prayed with and for her.  She was so encouraged!

I was inspired by her (and these women), I needed to meet with her today although she thought she needed me. This was a divine appointment as the last few days have been so tough. Today, I am teary as I write this only because I am so overwhelmed by God! Sometimes, I get down and let the problems of the day cloud my mind, but this girl showed me once again that the ladies we work with are encouraging, they are strong, positive, leading in love and they are an inspiration! It also showed me that there are so many good things happening here at the Mission! God is good!

Shelly McCullough
Case Manager

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