God’s BIG Miracles

Sarah came in to the Timberlake Outreach Center (TOC) today with a bright smile and joy in her heart. She gave us a beautiful testimony of how God has been working through her life since last month when she was here. At that time, she was worried because the doctors had found something in her son’s (Jobe) brain and he needed surgery. I said to her, there is nothing impossible for God. Let’s pray and believe HE can heal your son. So we prayed for healing and for the Holy Spirit to give her peace to wait for the next appointment.

Sarah came to visit us last week here at the TOC and says when they went to Jobe’s next appointment, they found nothing in her son’s brain. PRAISE THE LORD, Jobe is healed!

But wait, that’s not all. Now she is so encouraged, she said she’s been praying for others and sharing the Gospel. She gives the glory to God for everything. She said that she now believes and wants to be a vessel for God since that day when she felt the power of the Holy Spirit working in her. She stopped smoking and her husband is also now a believer. Receive this testimony as a reminder that we serve a Powerful God and no matter our daily personal problems, His Holy Spirit lives in us to be vessels of his greatness.

In the name above all names in JESUS THE GREAT I AM.

Evelyn Valdez
Bilingual Intake Worker

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