God will use us in His time!

Sep 30, 2013  |     |   General

I started to think after I got out of recovery that I would be of no use to anyone or I would have to wait years for God to use me. I was so wrong. I work over nights at the Lydia house and I couldn’t tell you how much our guests have impacted me and hopefully how much God has impacted them through me.

One Friday night I got called over to the crisis center to talk to a lady who was having anxious thoughts and
couldn’t sleep. She is pregnant for her first time and wanted to smoke a cigarette. I went to talk to her, to maybe help calm her thoughts so she wouldn’t have to smoke. Her voice was so soft and shallow; I mostly nodded and asked her to say everything twice. She started to say that her husband wasn’t taking his medication properly and was nervous and scared for him. We eventually went outside so she could smoke a cigarette, because I know when you are in a dark place the only things that help are the things that you are used to. When we got to talking outside, it became what I would call a normal down to earth talk, but God was using me and I had no clue because I thought I made her feeling of anxiety worse. We talked about how she is a practicing muslim and how she fell away from God and the religion is too “loose” for her. We talked for a little longer about different things that have happened to her for to fall away from God; I asked if I could pray for her before she went back to bed. She said no because our talk was so deep it felt like a prayer to her. The next day was Saturday and my sister asked me if I wanted to help serve dinner that day in the kitchen at the mission. I thank God from the bottom of my heart I was there. I saw her and she told me I changed her, I said me? She said the talk last night gave her hope and she felt as if her unborn baby was saying to change her ways. I reassured her it was not me and it was God! She said she was going to rededicate her life to Christ today in evening chapel. I said what are you waiting for, what about right now? God gave me the privilege to be with her while she did this. We humbly fell on our knees and asked God to have mercy on us and forgive us.

All the glory to God for He uses people when they don’t think they can be used. Sometimes He uses them and they don’t even know it.