God Sees the lost

Jul 28, 2013  |     |   General

God sees the lost and broken and often comes and meets them right where they are.  The story of Genesis 16 of Hagar and Sarai remind me of this.  Hagar was treated very badly by her mistress and ran away.  The angel of the Lord met Hagar where she was and told her to return to her mistress and submit to her authority.  He then promised that he would give her many blessings (more descendants than she could count).  The angel told her to name her future son Ishmael which means ‘God hears,’ for the Lord heard her cry of distress.  When Hagar returned, she gave the Lord another name….’the God who sees me.’ God delivered Hagar out of being lost and broken and gave her a multitude of blessings…And most importantly God saw Hagar, when she thought no one would notice her.


What a blessing it is to work with God’s people every day here at Open Door Mission.  We have the opportunity to meet the guests where they are and really “see” them in their lost and brokenness.  We get to come beside them and tell them how we love them and even more, tell them how God loves them even at this very moment in the midst of their pain and brokenness. God meets them where they are to tell them to come home to Him and live His way….It is so encouraging to hear the guests thirst for more of Jesus and ask questions about what God’s way looks like and pray together with them.   God sees the hurting and brings deliverance again and again!  How thankful I am to say that I serve at Open Door Mission….
Trudy Woodward
Lydia House