God Rebuilds Lives

Today, a guest named Rich gave his testimony at our monthly Friends of the Mission luncheon. He was severely abused as a child and was introduced to drugs and alcohol at age 11. For more than 23 years, he abused drugs and alcohol. He torched relationships with his family, his extended family, and some friends along the way. His wife and children left him. He was homeless for years. He said that he hated God for allowing him to have such a messed up childhood, and blamed all of his problems on that.

It wasn’t until he was exhausted from living a life of drugs and homelessness that he was ready to hear God calling him. He fell to his knees and prayed that God take the desire for drugs away from him. Through a series of people, “coincidences”, and events – he finally believed that God wanted to heal him and restore him. It wasn’t until he almost drowned, that he encountered Gods power, and knew it was real. When he was finally ashore, the only possession left was his bible, which came floating up to him opened to Psalm 32 which says “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered”.

Rich has been in our Rebuilding Lives program for nearly 3 months now. He is sober and is growing in his relationship with God. He said the desire for his old life is totally gone.  Now Rich sees that God really loves us right where we are. It’s not until we come to the end of ourselves sometimes that we can hear him calling to us. Please continue to pray for Rich, and for all of the men and women here who are bravely trying to walk away from the bondage of addiction and walk into the light of Hope.

Meredith Seaman
Heartland Circle Coordinator

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