God is in the Details!

Dec 15, 2008  |     |   General

It’s not too late to drop off your toys for Operation Santa! Gary Saddlemeyer from KFAB and I had a busy day on Saturday doing a toy remote at the Omaha Credit Union, and we still need fleece blankets, hot wheels, baby dolls, sports balls and board games.

Before that, and in the midst of all the busy-ness, I was on a personal mission last Thursday. I needed to find two pairs of insulated coveralls for two of our program men who are helping in our receiving area as part-time seasonal staff. Todd and Will have been closing each night, putting in long hours with volunteers and running the forklifts in the bitter cold weather.

I had several errands today, so I looked for Carharts where ever I went, and also asked staff to call different places. We called or visited Pamida, Bass Pro, Canfields, Tractor Supply, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Cabela’s, just to name a few. I was heartbroken that at the end of the business day around 5 PM, I still had not located the right size for Todd. Will’s had been easy to find. Finally, I found something to fit at Canfield’s, and James started out to pick them up.

Shortly after James left the building, Dan Applegate from the Timberlake Outreach Center called me to say he was coming up to my office to show me something. Dan and Todd just walked through the door. Todd was wearing insulated Carhart Bibs and carrying a matching hood. A donor had just dropped the set off in our receiving area.

I was shocked, and at a loss for words. You can ask Dan…I was speechless.

I cannot tell you adequately what a direct personal message from God this was to me. It happened several days ago and I am still so full of joy at God’s goodness. Because I saw how my God will provide not just the big things, like food, shelter and 21 million dollars…but also a pair of insulated Carharts in just the right size.

This was such an “aha!” experience for me and I know it contained a great message to me from God; much greater than the right size of Carharts. I hope you can relate.

Blessings ONYA cause they sure are on me, and all over Open Door Mission!