God is doing great things in the Garland Thompson’s Men Center.

Dec 18, 2013  |     |   General

 I had the privilege of working with a young man that found himself in a situation of homelessness, having no family or friends in Nebraska he felt alone and hopeless; but with prayer and encouragement things began to change for him. He said he just wanted to work, go to school, and get his own apartment. He said that he needed to be able to focus that in the past he had let his peers influence him and that affected his school grades.   He had come to the realization that roommates were not good for him. With a little guidance and lots of determination on his part he is now currently enrolled in college fulltime, he is working part-time, and he has moved into his own apartment.  This is just a sample of the great things God is doing in the lives of the men staying in the GTMC.  I am so grateful to everyone that has help to make positive changes in this young man’s life; everything that you have donated has helped to bring about his success.  Thank You!

Jeannette Blackstone, Resource Specialist
Garland Thompson’s Men Center, Open Door Mission