God is at work…

Jun 3, 2008  |     |   General

Not earthshaking, but just a small example of how God is in the details no matter how small the situation. Last week a “Butterball Turkey” gift certificate was found in a drawer-the problem this was the 28th and it had to be used by the 31st. It really came as no surprise that when I begin asking grocery stores if they had a Butterball turkey for sale I was met with the remark-“well no, it isn’t really “holiday” turkey time.” I decided to stop at the Saddle Creek Bakers on my way home Friday-just a whim I thought. The butcher there had one Butterball turkey in the whole store-and it was over 27 lbs., costing a lot more than the $25.00 gift certificate. I explained the situation to him-he said he needed to put a price on it for me. When he came back he said he had priced it at .50 a lb. so Open Door Mission could purchase it for about the price of the gift certificate. As I walked out of the store I realized God had had it all planned out before hand-I just had to listen to His voice (to go to Bakers). That God was in the whole situation was even reinforced more when I dropped the turkey off at the kitchen this morning. It seems it was just what Claudzell needed for the turkey salad he was making for the next 2 luncheons the Open Door Mission.

Thank you for letting me share how God revealed that He cares enough to be even in the smallest details of our lives.