God is Always Pursuing the Best for Us.

Jul 21, 2013  |     |   General

I started at Open Door Mission around Labor Day last year. I can tell you, it’s been a very interesting ride. God has His way of stretching and growing us in ways we never would have expected. After graduating college and completing an internship, I reluctantly moved home with my parents less than excited to start the job search. Not trusting what God had planned, the day after I moved home, I interviewed and was offered the position here. I never expected the job search to be so short or so painless.
Family volunteer together at Timberlake Outreach Center.
    Since, I have learned how humbling it can be to work with volunteers. There are many days when I am discouraged as I see the work that needs to be done and the few on those days that a group offers to pray for me, Janet (a dedicated volunteer from Tanzania) gives me a big hug when she walks in, or a volunteer asks, “What’s the most disgusting job you need done? I want to do it.” God is always pursuing us. Even on the harder of days, He gives me reason to rejoice and be grateful. I am so thankful to be part of something bigger than myself and to know that God is at work here.
Erica Julsen
Volunteer Coordinator
Creighton Prep students making sack lunches