God is a redeeming God.

Dec 17, 2013  |     |   General

It’s funny how God uses you when you least expect.  While on my break I had the privilege of listening to a young woman share with another staff member what is going on in her life.  She had just started the New Life Recovery Program and was excited to grow in Christ but also had some very real struggles that she was working through.  I listened silently for about 15 minutes until I felt God tell me to speak up.  I was able to share with her a bit of my own struggles and what I had learned.  Afterwards she thanked me for what I said. 

Later as I reflected on that conversation, all I could do was praise God.  God is truly a redeeming God.  He takes our suffering and struggles and redeems them, not only for us but for others.  In God’s eyes, nothing is wasted and everything can be made new.
Please pray for perseverance and strength for all of our programmers who are daily choosing to pick the hard, narrow road over the easy, wide road.  
Rachel Fischer
Child and Youth Director
Open Door  Mission