Giving From the Heart

This Wednesday, May 23rd,  is “Omaha Gives”, a day when those in the community make a concentrated effort to raise funds to support charitable organizations.  We as Christians are called to care for the less fortunate. We need to look at what we can do to help our community, in the spirit of giving from our heart. Open Door Mission depends on the “heart of others” to help God supply all our needs.  We trust God to open hearts of our donors, volunteers and even staff to make sure all our guests have what they need.

Open Door Mission doesn’t require our guests pay for their recovery…the need for recovery and the gospel message is priceless. What price can you put on a safe place to stay for an abused mother? How do you put a price on the joy of seeing the hungry able to eat a healthy meal? Children’s clothes can be expensive, but at Open Door Mission, we gladly give away to those in need, all we have received from others. Sharing God’s bounty is what we do. Are you willing to share your bounty?

Please donate to Open Door Mission through “Omaha Gives”. Encourage your family and friends to donate also.

Gifts from your heart are appreciated…large or the “widow’s mite”. Your gift gives hope to our guests, as well as the staff. Your gift will be multiplied in ways you may not discover until you reach heaven! You can touch for eternity with your gift to Open Door Mission through “Omaha Gives”. If you can’t give monetarily, please pray for Open Door Mission or consider volunteering, those too come from the heart.








Maggie Cope

Donor Relations Coordinator

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