From the Night Desk-Guest Blogger Brad Polchow

May 17, 2007  |     |   General

We are so blessed to have such great community support for the mission.
At 3:00 in the morning a woman came by to donate food. She is a local caterer. She donated about 80 lbs. of grapes, strawberries, fruit kabobs, lettuce, potato and chicken salad, and crab salad sandwiches. I put it all in the refrigerator, minus a couple of crab sandwiches. How often does a person get to eat crab!! The men expressed their happiness the next day for having fresh fruit. She said she would be back another time, since she knew where to go now.

A man came up to me last week wanting a King James version of the Bible. I went searching for one to give to him. I found one, but he didn’t want that one. I found a different one and he was happy with it.

About a half hour later, he wanted to return it to me. I told him to keep it. He argued with me that it wasn’t his to keep. I told him that I was a servant of the Lord and that this Bible was his. He thanked me for it. Here it is a week later and he still has that Bible. This is a man that loses everything. He can’t keep a toothbrush for two days, yet he keeps this Bible with him. I asked him if that’s the same the Bible that I gave to him. He told me that I didn’t give him one. The Bible he has came from a servant of the Lord.
Praise God!!!

Bradley Polchow
Night Supervisor MM/ES