From Anger to Love

Before coming to Open Door Mission’s Lydia House, I was always in trouble. Every aspect pertaining to my environment was dark and violent. I used to drink a lot of alcohol to get away from myself and others, which eventually became a huge problem for my mental and physical health.
When I went to prison, I was not changed for the better, but became severely angry. My entire life, I felt I had to fight in one way or another to exist. This logic led me to find the biggest and toughest people to fight, which landed me in many institutions. This is the life I grew up in, thinking this was how life was. I was filled with anger and hate.
‘What happened?’ You may ask. Well, Jesus Christ happened.
It’s not easy, but my life is better and brighter. I still struggle with “playing well in the sandbox with others” and my anger issues shine at times, but i’m in a more positive place. Being here at the Lydia House has helped me cultivate skills for both positive peer relations and applying self-discipline. Being held accountable has saved my life. I still have many obstacles and setbacks, but I am only human, and will be the best I can be.
More importantly, I have a real purpose and desire to live now. That is due to God’s grace and having Jesus Christ as the absolute love of my life. The Holy Spirit keeps me in check in my behaviors. I have the choice to do right or wrong and without God I wouldn’t have that chance. For me, it took being open to obtaining a relationship with God and then asking Him to help me deflate my ego/pride. I’m grateful always that we have Jesus Christ as our King and Father.
I’d like to thank the staff, the donors, and God for making this day possible.

Jennifer Moreno
New Life Recovery Program Graduate

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