Friends of the Friendless

Dec 30, 2009  |     |   General

Friends of the Friendless is a group of volunteers that meets the first Tuesday of each month for a delicious lunch and several hours of work together here at Open Door Mission.

Friends of the Friendless was first organized as the Ladies Auxiliary in 1956. Its purpose was to pray for the new work that was being done among the homeless in Omaha. The women involved also offered their services to help financially and practically.

Times have changed and the work of Open Door Mission has expanded in many ways. The Ladies Auxiliary changed its name to Friends of the Friendless in 2007 – we’re not just for ladies anymore!

Our purpose has not changed though. We spend the first hour of our meeting eating lunch and listening to testimonies from graduates of the New Life Recovery program. That is the most exciting part for me. It is awesome to hear how God has used Open Door Mission to bring people from a life of despair to one of hope and joy. We also hear from a current program member and learn what circumstances God used in their life to bring them to this place of refuge and healing.

We spend some time hearing about the needs of the mission and praying that God will supply for all of our needs. After a short business meeting, we spend a couple of hours (or whatever time each of us has available) on service projects: sorting clothes, making sandwiches, bagging laundry soap, or working together to make fleece blankets. Projects vary according to the need; but there’s always a variety.

A Mission with a big vision needs the support and prayers of many volunteers – we are so thankful for our Friends of the Friendless. We are always looking for more friends. If you’re interested in checking us out, our next meeting is scheduled for January 5, 2010 at 11:30. Call Cris at 422-1111 ext 1504 if you’d like to join us or need more information.

Judy Ward
Friends of the Friendless Prayer Chairman