Freely in Jesus’ Name

Oct 20, 2017  |     |   General

     As I’m writing this, a lady named Mary is sitting at my desk eating pizza. She just walked into Open Door Mission’s busy Council Bluffs Family Donation/Outreach Center without any pants on.
     Mary was brought in by a kind lady who saw Mary on the side of the road and brought her in.  She has no shoes and some broken toes, and smells very strongly of urine. Quickly, I found her some pants, shoes, and another shirt. She’s eating pizza and sipping some hot coffee.
     The selection in our Outreach Center is little thin, owing to a couple of very busy days in a row. But all that mattered was trying to get Mary some dry, clean things and making sure that she has more dignity than when she came in.
     Please pray for us over here in Council Bluffs as we try to be Jesus to each and every person who walks through our doors. We are so grateful that we can offer necessities for free in Jesus’ name to our neediest neighbors like Mary. That is thanks to donors like YOU, so thank you for making a difference!

Jessica Andreasen
Council Bluffs Outreach Manager