Freedoms Mean Accountability

Aug 17, 2013  |     |   General

We all love the freedoms enumerated and protected by our Constitution and should be grateful for the liberties we have as Americans.  However, along with our wonderful rights come important responsibilities.  As believers, we are accountable to God not only for the course of this country, but for the path we take in our lives.  Therefore, we must live in a manner that not only glorifies the Father and edifies others but also preserves and protects the sacred values we hold dear.

Accountability means we are answerable to others, and we should accept this responsibility as a gift from God.  Not only does it provide a system of checks and balances that protect us from harm, but it also gives us unique opportunities to share our lives with others and encourage them.

Accountability is absolutely necessary in every aspect of our life, starting with relationships in our family and among fellow believers.  However, we must also hold others in society responsible for what they do, whether they are in the church, the schools, or the government.  These are serious days for our nation and world, and as believers, we are charged with defending the faith and proclaiming the gospel of salvation, the only true path to freedom from sin and death.  We know the truth, so we cannot keep silent about it.  Rather, we’re accountable to declare the truth as passionately, effectively, and fearlessly as we can.

That is why we are so blessed to work at the Open Door mission.  We get to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day.  We get to work in an environment that demands that we tell others the truth.  Our guests’ lives depend on us being accountable to the truth of the gospel.  We have been called to a higher standard, a higher calling and a higher priority of proclaiming the truth.   God Bless us all.  


Russell Janssen

Garland Thompson Men’s Center