May 23, 2007  |     |   General

Every few days in the mail I receive an invitation to a “free dinner” at a local restaurant. The catch? In exchange for the culinary delights I might experience, I can listen for an hour (or so) to a financial planner talk about my investments. If you saw my “financial portfolio”, this would only make you laugh.

Whenever I get these well-intended invites, I am reminded of the hundreds of people in our area who would give anything for a delicious meal in a nice restaurant. I picture some of the homeless guys who come in off the street for a meal. They are so grateful for whatever they receive. I think of the smiles on the faces of the mom and her kids who are eating their first well-balanced meal in a long time. And my thoughts go to Chefs Brian and Jim and all of their helpers who do such a fantastic job in Open Door Mission’s Food Service Department.

The challenge over the next few months is FOOD. Our kitchen needs fresh fruits and veggies – the surplus from your garden. They need canned and non-perishable food items. And they need MEAT! This will help us provide a Summer of Hope to those we serve – Remember hope begins with a meal.

As you picnic this summer with family & friends, or go out for a leisurely dinner – or maybe when you receive that “free dinner” invite in the mail, would you stop for just a moment and remember the hungry and homeless men, women and children at Open Door Mission?

Thanks for letting me share. I can’t wait to get home and see what’s in the mail!

Joan Meradith
Director of Development
Open Door Mission