Forget Halloween-Life is Scary

Tomorrow is Halloween, originally All Hallows Eve, but we have turned it into a day of tricks, treats, grotesque costumes and the beginning of the holiday candy sales. For many children a life of poverty and/or homelessness is far scarier than Halloween. Hunger, fear, uncertainty and constant change is a reality for over 2.5 million homeless children in the United States. At Open Door Mission we try to ease these fears. The children go to school, get 3 meals a day (and after school snacks) and a safe place to live. We help families stabilize their lives so that can make good decisions and life isn’t so scary.

How can you and your children make a difference this Halloween? A scavenger hunt for non-perishable food to help stock Open Door Mission’s food pantry is an idea. After collecting the food those involved can volunteer to help stock the shelves. To keep the sugar highs manageable encourage your children to donate half of their candy booty to Open Door Mission. The candy is used for sack lunches and special after school treats. Instead of tricks have your children think of ways they treat others on a regular basis…donate toys, donate books, share batches of homemade cookies, write notes of encouragement, make holiday cards or volunteer on a regular basis. Teaching your children to have compassion for the less fortunate helps create understanding and a better world.




Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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