Food Services Department

Nov 20, 2007  |     |   General

Wakey, wakey, wakey….I know that everyone knows the Open Door Mission for their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

BUT everyday at the crack of dawn when I am still in bed. Clauzell is cracking the eggs, cooking the bacon and flipping the pancakes. BUT not today, I am here watching Clauzell crack the eggs, cook the bacon, and flip the pancakes. And for this grand occasion even Food Service Manager, Brian McIntyre, got out of bed, this morning.

Channel 6 ‘s Rachel Pierce is in the house. Rachel is highlighting the start of the Holiday Season by promoting the food needs of the Open Door Mission and volunteer opportunities. Everyday, 1,500 meals are served up to the hungry and homeless. YOU can be part of it, too. Call 422-1111 ext. 1202 to give of your time a gift that keeps on giving….