Finding Success through 29/11 program

February 3, 2012  |     |   General

My name is Nicole; I would like to tell you a little about myself. I was at a very low point in my life struggling with addictions which led to a broken family. One day I was in the car when I heard a gospel song that moved me to tears as I remembered that I was once a devoted Christian raised in the church. At that moment I decided to give my life back to the LORD. I needed the help so I called shelters and found room at the Lydia House. They welcomed me warmly and my journey began. I didn’t bring my daughter with me but I was determined to reunite our family and rebuild our home.
My finances had taken a blow and my credit was not good. I had GOD and a job and I was determined to get my finances on the right track. I entered the 29/11 Program as a single mother wanting a new start. I began working on my finances and paying my bills on time but sometimes it was a struggle. The 29/11 program helped me put food on the table as I strive to become financially independent.

With the help of the 29/11 program I was able to stay focused and encouraged. As of this summer I was able to purchase my own home thru a program provided by Family Advisory Services on 24th and Lake Street. I could not have done this if it was not for GOD who has provided agencies like the Open Door Mission with people who love and care for others. In the 29/11 Program I am able to find strength, courage and support from other believers. They have shown me compassion and not judgment, and help with dignity. I will always be grateful to GOD for the Open Door Mission. I have also learned to give to others when I can.

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