“Feed My Sheep”

Today is National Feed the Birds Day, a day to remember to feed the birds during a time of little food. Taking care of all God’s creatures is important; after all His eye is on the sparrow. Jesus reminds us that we will always have the poor with us and it is our job to care for them. Jesus told His disciples, especially Peter, to feed His sheep. Open Door Mission follows the precepts of the Bible in caring for a part of society that most of the population doesn’t want to acknowledge exists. We choose to reach out to these hurting and hopeless individuals, the homeless and near homeless.

To Open Door Mission “feeding the sheep” is more than just providing food. We “nourish” them with safe shelter and meet their basic needs. “Feeding” God’s sheep is more than just providing the basics of life, we also provide hope through the Gospel message and the saving grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. We show people God’s love through our actions, we can love because we are loved. Our changed lives show others lasting change is possible, we believe they can succeed no matter what their past has been. So, as you feed the birds today remember to think about how you can help “feed the sheep” that Christ has called us to do.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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