Fear and Faith

The past few weeks in my class with programmers, we have been exploring a study called Fear and Faith. Last week the topic of the video was “when our fears some true.” At the end of class I asked the women to write down the biggest fears. They turned them in to me and I read them out loud. I asked if we share the same fears why are we staying so isolated? When we have an issue with someone why don’t we see them as someone that has the same fears that I do? Why aren’t we talking about our fears more? I challenged them to open up to someone about their biggest fears. We’ve been talking about why we need to address our fears and how our identity isn’t in our fears but in Christ. Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to press on despite our fear.

This week I’m going to pass these back out at random and ask they pray for at least one full week against whatever fear and for the unknown writer. Will you also pray against these fears and for our guests to gain courage?

My biggest fear is change to break my vicious family cycle.


Being alone.

Going through my whole life feeling as though I have or am failing, not good enough.

I fear leaving the Lydia House. Going out to the wilderness.

Being separated from the people I love! Being abandoned.

My mind and heart not healing.

Being alone.

My kids having to experience seeing someone’s death like I had to.

Not getting my children back.

Not seeing my child again.

Failure and losing a loved one.

Dying alone.

Not be able to get back with my kids.

Liana Martinez
Case Manager

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