Fathers, Stories of Hope

Open Door Mission has quite a few men staying here that are fathers. You hear a lot about mothers that are separated from their children and seeking reunification. What people may not know is we have fathers that that want reunification with their children. Open Door Mission provides a safe and fun place where either parent can have visits with their children. It is just as important for fathers to have time with their children as it is for mothers. When a guest has contact with their family, especially their children, they have a greater desire to succeed in their recovery and new life. The New Life Recovery program helps all aspects of a guest’s life. John, a support worker at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center sees this every day.

“All success stories look different at the Open Door Mission. As a father and husband, the most recent stories that have given me hope are stories of families reuniting. Lately, I have been able to see men who once struggled with addiction, go through the New Life Recovery Program and become loving and caring fathers who seek to serve their children instead of themselves. I have also been able to see men, reunite with their wives and become committed husbands who have a new found character of integrity and selflessness. These are the stories of hope that are the driving force for me at the Open Door Mission. “ ~John Horsechief





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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