Father of Our Country /Father of Our Life

February 21st is George Washington’s birthday, a man often hailed as the “Father of our country”. Like most historical figures there is a lot of myth surrounding him. There is no doubt George was a good patriot, soldier and leader, but he was human like the rest of us. The “cherry tree” story assumes that George didn’t lie; that was spun into he never lied.

The story he asked Betsy Ross to make the flag is probably not entirely truthful either. Historians aren’t even sure he knew Betsy Ross. George Washington did not have wooden teeth! Granted he lost all of his teeth, but the replacements were probably made from ivory from various animals. As we evaluate facts or fiction about the father of our country we have to be discerning about what we believe and what is true.

God is our heavenly father, and we are blessed to know that everything about Him is true and good. At Open Door Mission we encourage our guest to be discerning when listening to “stories” about others. Encourage them to look at others through God’s eyes. Encourage them to give grace, forgiveness and love as God, through Jesus Christ, has done for us. Humans have feet of clay and definitely aren’t perfect. The only truth is God’s truth. Please pray that our guests will trust God and not the world.

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