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Jul 27, 2009  |     |   General

Farm Credit Services Is Filling Up the Racks for Back-to-School Bash

What a blessing to go to Farm Credit Services of America on Monday July 20th. It was a rainy day, but the employees at Farm Credit Services had their own sunshine-bags and bags of new clothing and shoes for the Open Door Mission’s Back-to-School Bash to provide new school outfits for the 300 children we serve through Bible Day Camp and Lydia House.

The drive was organized by Anne Hadley and involved Sherrie Guill, Jane Drake, Callie Porter, Jeremy Fritz (all in the picture), as well as Janice Barajas, Kelsey Kegier, Kathy Graham, Leigh Cheloha, Susan Hicks and Pam McIntosh. These employees bought shoes, jeans, dresses, shirts and something more-hope for needy children! The simple gesture of purchasing even just one item of clothing will make a difference. A child will have a new outfit to wear to school that first day. A family will learn that others do care about the less fortunate in the community. Farm Credit Services employees have helped make the first day of school special for children that often feel left out because they don’t always have the opportunity to get a new outfit for school.

It was a joy to see how happy the people at Farm Credit Services were, making a difference in a child’s life. They experienced just as much joy in giving, as the children will experience in receiving the new outfits. Would you like to experience that special joy like those at Farm Credit Services? Would you like to make a difference in a child’s life? Would you like to be a part of making the first day of school a success for a child? Would you like to touch a family by providing a new outfit for their child? Would you like to give hope for a better life to child by showing you care?

You can organize a Back-to-School Bash drive at your church, work or neighborhood-but you need to act now-we need everything by August 3rd. You can choose to purchase a gift card from Target or Walmart to purchase clothes and shoes for the children. You can make a monetary donation specifically for Back-to-School Bash. You can pray for the children-that they continue to stay in school and work toward goals that will help them break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Please contact us for a tour of Open Door Mission, to see how hope is provided every day and lives are changed. Contact me if you would like to do a drive to provide for the hungry, homeless and near homeless of our community. Contact me if you would like to a speaker come to your work, organization or church. Contact me if you chose to make a difference in the lives others.

Maggie Cope
Communications Coordinator