Family Games

Does your family have a “Game Night” or do you just like getting together to play some outdoor games? In my family it was always fun to work 1,000 piece puzzles together. The families at Lydia House like to play games too. The single ladies have been known to work a puzzle or two. Just like your families and friends, those living at Open Door Mission like all kinds of games too.

Do you have board or outdoor games your family has out grown, or no longer plays?  Would you consider donating your gentle used games to Open Door Mission? Your donation of board or yard games gives other families a chance at the fun and enjoyment you family shared. Puzzles for all ages are appreciated…no missing pieces please, causes too much frustration! Your family games can be dropped off at any of our 3 Outreach Centers. Thank you for sharing the joy of families playing together.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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