Fall – The best time of the year

Sep 10, 2011  |     |   General

Early fall has always been my favorite season of the year, warm days and cool nights. But the older I get I realize early fall leads to late fall then into my least favorite season, winter.

But this is a hopeful time as well, especially at the Open Door Mission.

I work in the Development Department receiving the letters and donations that members of the community send us. I have the opportunity to read the notes from people that have sent in donations. “We’re praying for you” and “thank you for all you are doing”. Or the donation from a child that he or she received as a birthday gift.

And because our community is so supportive, I have a chance to meet so many volunteering families that come to serve Thanksgiving meal, help with Project Santa or spend Christmas Day with the homeless men, women and children.

Last year was my first winter at the Mission and I was moved and inspired that so many were willing to invest time, energy and love to help those that have so little. For me, last winter was a little warmer after seeing God’s love at work because of the generosity of the people of our community.

In God’s love,
Sue King