Eagle’s Nest Treats Lydia House to Spa Care

Aug 30, 2009  |     |   General

The ladies that are going through the Lydia House programs are awesome women, but life has not been easy for them. Some have been abused and hurt in a way that I will probably never comprehend. Some have had drug and alcohol addictions that they may still battle. Going to the spa and getting pampered is the last thing on their mind. But on Thursday evening, the women’s group from Eagle’s Nest brought the spa to the Open Door Mission. One could sense the excitement in the air: program ladies were smiling and laughing and it seemed like their problems were forgotten for one evening. Our ladies received massages, manicures, pedicures and gifts: they were loved and cherished by other Christian ladies who have also been through some trials in their lives and wanted to be an encouragement.

Even though the women were happy with the gifts and massages, it was unanimous that they received more than that: they were able to converse and hear testimonies about women that have been through abuse, hurts, and addictions and yet God has set them free. Those testimonies came from ladies that have graduated our New Life Program some years back. The Open Door Mission does change lives and it is awesome to see it first hand.

As I was listening to the testimonies, I came to realize that if we are not careful we’ll let our work here at the Open Door Mission become a routine. However, we need to remind ourselves that we are on a mission to change and transform lives for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; no matter how mundane our jobs are, no matter how hard it is. Who would have thought that a manicure could change someone’s life? It can! At the end of the evening a beautiful thing happened: one of the ladies gave her life to the Lord! One could just feel the love in the room! Glory be to God for sending us volunteers that want to make a difference in other people’s lives!

Corine Sawadogo
Volunteer Associate