Donor Appreciation

Jul 15, 2010  |     |   General

My position with the Mission is in the Development Department, where the majority of “behind-the-scenes” support work gets accomplished. We are responsible for processing all mail, donations and data entry. So, we don’t always have as much face-to-face contact with our donors as some of our other staff.

However, every now and then, while opening mail or emails, we will receive a praise or “appreciation” note from someone.

We love knowing our clients are getting the help and hope they need here, with your support. We also really love hearing volunteers tell how much they enjoyed their experience with us. It is especially nice, however, when we receive kind words such as those shared with us earlier this week. One of our supporters wrote that she and her fellow ministry members wanted to praise and applaud the work being done at Open Door Mission. They thanked us for our passion and dedication to helping those in our area who are in so much need. Most of us think of our jobs as, first, serving the Lord which, in turn, translates to helping others. The most important task here is to give hope, encouragement and help to those who come to us in need. However, it is nice to hear that the effort is being noticed and appreciated by members of our community. That message was forwarded to all staff and many returned notes of “thanks” for that recognition. This was not a matter of ego….most of look for affirmation from God and fellow workers. No, their glow came from knowing what we do is noticed and matters! Praise the Lord.

Dee Best
Donor Database Manager

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