Donate Water!

Recently Open Door Mission was in a bit of a pickle – our bottled water inventory was running dangerously low. Hundreds of bottled waters are given daily to the homeless who often frequent the front desks seeking hydration and the streets ministry passing out bottled waters in order to hydrate the homeless who are living in triple degree weather.

     To say we were in a bit of a pickle
might actually be an understatement. We were in real trouble.
We advised our needs every way we knew how: television, radio, and digitally we asked for help. Enter donors. Since our call-to-action, our community has rallied together to provide a need that will SAVE LIVES!
     Do not underestimate the power of a donation as simple as bottled water. That bottled water will be the difference between life and death for some. So THANK YOU to our donors. We do not do what we do without your support!
Lauren Catlett
Communications Specialist
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