Donate Socks and Underwear!

A fresh pair of socks and underwear are hot commodities at Open Door Mission. So often we have men, women, and children coming in with nothing but the clothes on their backs. As CEO Candace Gregory says, “There’s nothing like putting on a new pair of underwear and socks that no one else has worn.”
We are honored that Riverside Presbyterian Parish hosted a sock and underwear drive.
“People might not think that it changes a life, but it sure does instill dignity to someone when you pass those to someone. It’s a basic need-a basic necessity,” says Gregory.
Reverend Suzanne Gorhau, the Pastor of the Parish leads a group that deeply cares for our hurting and homeless neighbors. “We wanted to share God’s love. Sometimes sharing God’s love means sharing a cup of cold water, sometimes it means giving money after a disaster, and sometimes sharing God’s love means giving someone a new pair of socks and underwear.”
We are so thankful for Riverside and their commitment to help transform lives through hosting a sock and underwear drive!

Lauren Catlett
Communications Specialist

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