Donate Clothing!

This week, I want to focus the blog on our amazing donors. Whether they are donating their time, talent, or treasure, we are SO lucky to have each and every one of them.

     Our friend Kate faced a difficult loss two years ago- the passing of her daughter, Emma. In honoring her memory, Kate made the brave decision to host a “stuff-a-truck”. Members of the community, friends, and family could give clothing, food, water, etc. and she would end up transporting all donations to the Timberlake Outreach Center – 1,441 pounds of housewares, food, clothes, and 20 cases of water in total.
     Kate could have chosen many different ways to react to her daughter’s passing, but she chose to honor Emma in a way that not only helps hurting individuals and families, but honors her memory in a beautiful way.
     Although we did not know Emma personally, we can tell from her Mother’s actions she was a kind, compassionate young lady. Thank you Kate for choosing Open Door Mission to honor Emma.
Lauren Catlett
Communications Specialist
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