Domestic Violence

At Open Door Mission we see the effects of domestic violence daily. Domestic violence isn’t just the cuts and bruises; it is the emotional and mental pain too.  Domestic violence can destroy a person and a family. Around 24 people, in the United States, are attacked every minute by significant other.  Child abuse is often found in those homes also. Most of us are aware of the impact of domestic violence on adults (mostly women), but the impact on the children in the home is just as devastating.

It is estimated that 3-10 million American children are witness to domestic violence.  The scars from living in such abuse become a part of the child’s life, and affect them and others in their life. A child’s self-worth is probably harmed the most.  A lack of self-worth is the root of many psychological, emotional and behavioral health problems.  Physical health is affected, causing increased risk for heart disease, cancer and substance abuse.  A child that lives with domestic violence in the home can suffer PTSD equivalent to a five year combat veteran.  Behavior and relationships are damaged, causing poor communication and conflict resolution skills. Children of domestic violence have a greater chance of becoming bullies or being victims of bullying. These children often repeat what they saw as children and become part of a continuing cycle of abuse. It is frightening to see how many notorious killers lived with domestic violence as children.

The effects of domestic violence reach far beyond the home. At Open Door Mission we try to help not only the adult victims of domestic violence, but the children too. First and foremost we provide safe shelter so healing can begin. The staff works tirelessly to make sure all needs are met so the cycle of domestic can be broken and people can heal. Your donations do make a difference. Your volunteer time makes a difference. Help break the cycle of domestic abuse donate to Lydia House.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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