Do Something Nice Day Oct. 5th

Tomorrow is do something nice day. I think every day should be do something nice day. I am surrounded at work by people who do something nice…our volunteers. Volunteers give of their time, talents and energy to make nicer for those we serve. Some of our volunteers have been volunteering for years, others are just starting. I work with a group of special volunteers, Eagle Scout candidates. The various Eagle Scout Projects have done amazing things for Open Door Mission. Some scouts choose to do food drives, or other drives to stock our shelves at Timberlake Outreach Center. Some of our scouts get their hands dirty working on the garden, others do woodworking to provide needed shelves in the common areas.

Recently Eagle Scout candidate Riley chose to build bookshelves for the 1st floor common room at Lydia House. Riley not only built 3 different size bookshelves, he painted them bright primary colors. Doing something extra nice, he stocked them with children’s books. Riley made sure he had “teen books” on the shelves as well. As you can see within minutes the children were exploring the new book shelves.


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