Diving In with Our Volunteers-Guest Blogger Carol Chamberlain

May 17, 2007  |     |   General

Diving in with our Volunteers:

A couple of Saturdays ago, 5-5-07, at the Open Door Mission we had a lot of Volunteer Groups come to help out in the Timberlake Outreach Center. We had a blast! I came up with the idea of playing a game- it was a race game to see who could finish their Gaylord box first. The Volunteers thought that was a great idea also. There were three big Gaylord boxes full of clothes. We all started at the same time, three different groups, we all finished our boxes in less than one hour. I think it is great that we work along side of the Volunteers. I’ve been told by the long time Volunteers that they like having us with them as well; in case they have a question or need something we are close by. They say it makes a big difference. That’s why it is called Team Work. Here at the Open Door Mission & Lydia House we view our Volunteers as unpaid Staff.

Volunteers Rock!