Desperate for Hope

Sep 20, 2016  |     |   General

     I wanted to share this story from a few days ago and ask for prayers.
     At our Administration Building’s front desk, I received a call from a man begging for prayer.  He quoted scripture accurately as he described his desperate need of help.  I prayed with him and his wife over the phone, reminding them both that God loves them and wants the best for them in all situations.  Then I encouraged them to continue praising God even when faced with troubles and to cast all of their cares on the Lord.
     This conversation stuck with me into the night, and I kept thinking of this man and woman.  They are living in a motel room, far from home, and desperate for affordable shelter as they face many medical difficulties.
     I started feeling an overwhelming sensation of thankfulness.  It is so easy to forget where I have been, but moments like these remind me of how good God is, no matter what.
     Would you please keep this couple in your prayers?  Ask that they would find appropriate housing for their situation and they would rely upon the Lord.

Cynthia Mier