Denver to Omaha: Same HOPE

May 20, 2015  |     |   General

     As a Gospel Rescue Mission, Open Door Mission is not only providing people with shelter and food, but is also continuously presenting the Gospel in a very real way. 
     Recently I was traveling in Denver, and had the opportunity to volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission.
     It was so interesting to see how this particular Rescue Mission serves their community.  Compared to here at Open Door Mission, here are many differences in how they carry out their day to day tasks.  But as guests were enjoying pancakes (which I must note were bigger than their faces), I began to have some conversations.  This is when I started to see the similarities, and almost felt like I was back home.  I heard stories of being broken, but now having newfound HOPE in Jesus.  It was exciting to see the same transformation happening in Denver that I get to see at Open Door Mission on a daily basis.
     There are about 300 Rescue Missions around the United States.  It is a humbling experience to say I work for a Gospel Rescue Mission and that I am a part of God’s plan for Omaha!
     So I will leave you with this:  In what WAYS is God CALLING you to help the hungry and homeless here in our community?

Lindsay Wyant

Leasing Specialist