Deep Thoughts by Ronda Nelson

Aug 19, 2009  |     |   General

Usually when I submit a blog I share an insight that I may have had while serving our residents that day. Today I thought I did not have an insight and I was stressing that I would not have something to blog about. I tried to force myself to have a deep thought by noon, but no deep thoughts this morning, instead I needed to:
* drive an 8th grader to her Junior High in South Omaha by 7:30 a.m. I will sure miss my time with her once her bus starts – it is been fun to hear about her day and her dreams as we have hung out these past days.
* re-direct OPS busses out of the mud to the back of the mission where eager kids were waiting to get to school. Bus drivers are saints!
* call OPS and find out where missing buses were. Mr. Bright our Title 1 homeless liaison and Ira in Transportation are amazing!
* find school supplies for a high school student. Did you know most of their books are online now? How does a child in poverty or homeless get to do homework? I am thankful that we have a learning center and kids’ tutors, but what about kids in homes that can not afford computers and internet?
* start an intake with a single mom and her five children that drove here from Missouri and slept in their car in downtown Omaha last night. The kids shared it was very cold. Breakfast was over, but the kitchen helped me get sandwiches and cereal. As I opened the door to their room they began to smile and laugh – what I thought must be a too small room for so many – they thought of as comfort and safety.
* painfully turn away three single women and four families (with eleven children) that called the hotline phone for shelter. I give them other shelters’ numbers, but if I am full more than likely the others are too.
* get a note posted all over the mission that we would not have power this Friday. The switch is being turned on at the new Lydia House building that day – the building is 75% complete – almost ready for January occupancy!

So no deep thoughts for this blog, but what a joy to do so much before noon and know that if I am doing each of these small things well, I am honoring the person I am serving and honoring Jesus Christ. It is a good day!

Ronda Nelson
Lydia House Assistant Director