Dangerously Low Temperatures

Jan 12, 2016  |     |   General

Thank you to Lifegate for a donation of urgently needed toilet paper!

     These last few days, the temperature dropped drastically.  The high winds made it below zero, which is not only frost bite damaging, but deadly.
     In Open Door Mission’s shelters, we are encouraging our guests to have hats and gloves or mittens to cover their skin.  Extra blankets were pulled out for those sleeping on the floor to get rid of the chill.
     This type of weather will drive people out of the homeless camps, abandoned buildings, and cars this meaning an increase in numbers and services.
     Join me in praying that the homeless will seek refuge and safety at Open Door Mission.  Also be praying for the Open Door Mission team on the frontlines, that they would have the love, compassion, and understanding, as well as the strength and patience to serve.
     Our urgent needs, due to this increase in numbers, now include blankets, pillows, towels, and toilet paper.  Click here for a list of drop off locations, if you wish to donate.
     Buckle up, God is in the driver seat.  It’s going to be an awe struck 2016!

Candace Gregory