Cowboy Party for Homeless Men

Sep 29, 2016  |     |   General

     Two volunteers at the Rebuilding Lives Center know how to throw a party!  Last week they threw a party for our men that was Western-themed.
     They taught line dances, had a hay bale cake, cowboy games, and individual gifts and cakes for each man with a birthday in September.
     Each cake was personally made and decorated by Sherri.  Gena works with her church and local vendors to get gifts for each man.  The cakes and gifts are personalized for each man based off a questionnaire the men fill out, which includes questions about favorite themes, icing, kind of cake (or pie), etc.  In short, this party is real blessing to our men.  It is very special.
     The coolest thing about connecting with volunteers is their passion for our guests, and their drive to always kick it up a notch.  With their excitement and connections, volunteers and donors can bring a level of care and love to our guests that we staff wouldn’t be able to bring without them.

Taylor Clinch
Rebuilding Lives Center Director