COVID-19 Updates

Our Mission remains the same

I write to you today to underscore the continued importance of serving people experiencing homelessness with safe shelter, nutritious meals and quality care as Open Door Mission navigates the recovery phase of our COVID-19 response.

From the beginning, Open Door Mission’s response effort has been grounded in mitigating risk and protecting our vulnerable populations.

Cloth face coverings have been one of the tools in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and, along the way; additional tools to treat and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have also come along, such as vaccines. Our response today does not, and should not, look the same as it did a year ago.

The Open Door Mission continues to follow best practices during this recovery phase of our COVID-19 response:

  • Temperature checks at entry points
  • Washing of hands and/or using hand sanitizer at entry points
  • Temperature and Symptom Checks on guests residing on Campus
  • 72 hours of isolation or rapid testing for new guests
  • Designated space for infirmary, quarantine and isolation
  • Continual education on the importance of proper hand washing, good hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing.
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting high traffic areas every 3 hours during waking hours, as well as the use of fogging mist when necessary
  • Textile donations are not sorted until after 24 hours of receiving
  • Vaccination Clinics on Campus
  • Promoting and practicing social distance in the work place and while serving others

Recently, the CDC announced updated guidance rolling back mask usage. Our guidance is also evolving as we learn more information. With that in mind and with acknowledgement that the goal is to keep everyone safe, guests, students, staff, volunteers and visitors on the Open Door Mission Campus will be able to make their own informed decisions regarding risk of wearing or not wearing a mask.

We acknowledge that some people will continue to wear a cloth face covering for reasons that make sense for themselves and/or their family due to health conditions. The Open Door Mission will continue to provide clean washable masks at all entry points to those in need.

It has been a TEAM effort over the last year that has required patience, grace, and flexibility. For that, I am tremendously grateful! Thank you!



Dr. Candace L. Gregory
President/CEO Open Door Mission

10 Ways to Make A Difference From Home

  1. Make Washable COVID-19 Masks for vulnerable men, women, and children with weakened immune systems. Click here >>>
  2. Send Inspiration Cards to those going through a dark place as we shelter in place on campus. Click here >>>
  3. Make Sack Lunches for the hungry and homeless. Click here >>>
  4. Provide Urgent Needs during this unprecedented time as we have a critical need for many items. Click here >>>
  5. Fill a Hearts of Hope Coin Card to provide a nutritious meal and care for two homeless people. Click here >>>
  6. Make Jars Full of Sunshine with inspirational notes and sweet treats for your neediest neighbors. Click here >>>
  7. Fill Hygiene Comfort Kits with urgently needed personal care items. Click here >>>
  8. Make a Meal that is easy to make for the hungry and homeless. Click here >>>
  9. Pray for Open Door Mission during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here >>>
  10. Make Crochet Plastic Bag Mats for the homeless sleeping on the streets.  Click here >>>
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