Coordinating Care at Open Door Mission

Sep 29, 2014  |     |   General

Hi, my name is John and I provide mental health and recovery services at Open Door Mission. These services are mainly therapy and recovery classes with men and women in our life changing programs – the practical outworking of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is my fifteenth year.
Helping people take action for their lives can be frustrating, though when they do it is so fulfilling.  Recently a man (whom I will call Brad) experienced a stressor, and handled it in a different way than he would normally do.  I teach the concept of “recognizing the sequence of events that leads away from stable recovery.”  Brad was able to be aware of his situation, and was able to think through the event without reacting, but by taking things step by step.  The excitement in his voice as he shared his victory was such a blessing.    

It reminds me of James 1:2-4, where the author reminds us that we can “Consider it joy as we are going through a trial,” for whenever we remember to practice patience, God will turn that trial into a faith experience, resulting in our maturity!  Having a plan is essential as we walk by faith.  
God ‘s grace doesn’t work in a vacuum. He allows trials so that when we are open to His grace, it will empower our thinking, feeling, behaviors, and relating skills to respond rightly, as we surrender to Christ’s presence, purposes & promises! Growth is not automatic; it takes persistence. Please pray for the men and women in our programs that they will apply the truths and skills presented in our classes each day.

Care Coordinator