Contagious Joy

Nov 15, 2016  |     |   General

     In a world of uncontrollable circumstances we are only in control of one thing: that is our attitude.  We can choose to let unfortunate circumstances take our joy OR we can rise above it and hold on to what is ours to have. 
      This was never clearer to me than the moment I met a woman named K on one of our recent Streets of Omaha outings.  K was full of pain, rejection, and felt so alone.  But the day we met on the streets, and she decided to come to Open Door Mission.  K has had a lot of pain in her heart from years of neglect and abuse, but she held onto one thing and that was her joy!
     She told one of the Streets of Omaha volunteers that her joy comes from Jesus.  K has been at Open Door Mission’s Lydia House for a few months now, and her joy is very contagious!  She commented to me one day, “I never thought my anxiety would allow me to be in a place full of people, but I know I am supposed to be here because Jesus replaced my anxiety with more JOY!” 
    The day we met her was definitely a divine appointment.  God has a plan for K and He used the Streets of Omaha Team as a part of that plan.  He placed us exactly where we needed to be, exactly when we needed to be there.  He did this to show his beloved daughter how important she is and to show her how much He loves her!
     God wants to use us all, as long as we allow Him to!

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Coordinator